Seattle SeaHawks Football Card!

Hello Readers!

Yep! Football season is back and many fans are cheering for their favorite teams. (In some cases, they may be yelling!) Even if you’re not a football fan, you are sure to know someone who enjoys watching this sport.

A couple of years ago, when the Seattle SeaHawks won the SuperBowl, there were so many excited fans! (We don’t talk about the year after that. :( (I kept hearing the phrase ” Why did he THROW the ball???” for weeks after that game.)

I digress…..

I created a birthday card for my husband, who’s from Seattle and has always been a fan of their sports teams. I even made him a sports quilt with all of his favorite teams. Since there was extra fabric, I fussy cut the helmet and text to apply to this card. It has been one of my most pinned and shared cards. (Lots of SeaHawks fans are out there!)

I have decided to create more for those that would like to purchase it for $4.00. A small price to pay to make a SeaHawks fan smile on his birthday!

birthday card, Seattle Seahawks card, cards for men
This Seattle SeaHawks card can also be personalized.

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This card can be personalized by adding the details in the notes section when you purchase the card. If you prefer, you can also email me at with the information.

More versions of this card are available on my HorseMark Cards website. I hope you’ll stop by for a visit. :) I am also able to create cards for other sports teams if you would like one.

Whatever team you are supporting, I hope you enjoy watching the games with your family and friends.

Thank you for visiting today!

~~ Vickie ~~

Wine & Grapes Note Cards

note cards with wine, grapes, cork, thank you cards, wine bottles, wine glasses

Many gatherings of friends and family take place during these holiday months. There are office parties, luncheons, or simple in-house celebrations where some of the employers share a small token of appreciation to their employees. Perhaps a gift package of chocolates, nuts, or other goodies are exchanged this time of year. I know one of the most popular items to give is a nice bottle of wine!

There are still people that send a note of acknowledgement or thanks when someone has done something nice for them. These four note cards I created would also be a nice token of appreciation, perhaps to a co-worker of a friend. They can use them to thank others. When you do receive a gift, I know you give a verbal ‘thank you’ to the person. These cards would also be nice to have for you to thank others for their thoughtfulness. These cards can be used any time of the year!

note cards with wine and grapes,
Note Card Collection featuring wine and grapes

You can get all four cards for only $10.00

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These cards have lots of details including embossed wine colored papers, delicate die-cuts, and elevated bottles of wine and glasses! One card even has a bunch of ‘grapes’ hanging from the vine above! Two cards have golden string and a real cork! All cards have plenty of room inside to include your personal message. Mailing envelopes are also included.

Every purchase made through this site and HorseMark Cards is secured through PayPal.

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Enjoy all of your holiday gatherings with your families and friends! Thank you for visiting today!


~~ Vickie ~~

A Thankful Thanksgiving!

Hello November!

October usually brings cooler temperatures and pumpkins, while November brings more leaves to rake and turkeys to roast! Thanksgiving in the US will be observed on November 26 this year. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving Day in October. (I hope my blogging friends in Canada enjoyed some special time with their families and friends.)

wild turkeys roaming in neighborhood
Wild turkeys come by our home for a visit!

Soon the turkeys will be in the markets and all the food items to prepare the Thanksgiving feast will be on sale. (Some wild turkeys are already here….roaming our neighborhood on their annual turkey parade!) Families and friends get together to give thanks and share a special meal. Some Thanksgiving meals are really feasts, especially when they are celebrated with large families and groups of friends. Many people share in the food preparations, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the day.

If you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year, then you already know how much extra time you will spend in getting your home ready for your guests. Family and friends may bring the mashed potatoes, vegetable dishes, and pumpkin pies, but you are in charge of the main attraction. The Turkey! Preparing the turkey and the stuffing is an important part of the meal. Even if you don’t serve turkey, the main dish of the Thanksgiving meal can still take time to prepare. Once all the dishes are done, the extra chairs are put away, and the special tablecloths and napkins have been laundered, you can take a deep breath and know that you have hosted a wonderful get together!

Thanksgiving table
Our Thanksgiving table is almost ready to enjoy with our small family.

When you attend a Thanksgiving dinner that someone else has hosted, I know you will give them a verbal ‘thank you’ for all their efforts. Everyone likes to be reminded that they are appreciated! Remember to give a thank you card to your Thanksgiving Day host. They will appreciate receiving an actual card they can hold and display in their home. They can reflect back on the time everyone spent together, hopefully with fond memories. (We all have that uncle or crazy aunt that can bring some extra ‘entertainment’ to the gathering!)

Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on the important people we have in our lives. I know I have so many things to be thankful for, especially my wonderful husband and our two sons. A special thanks to the special people who follow and read my blog – you are so appreciated!

I have created a cute thank you card that you may want to send to your Thanksgiving Day host. It is only $3.00 and can be sent to you in plenty of time to give to your family member or friend. The inside has room for you to express your appreciation for all the planning and things your host did for the special gathering. This little turkey is sure to make someone smile!

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Thank You Card created by HorseMark Cards
Thanksgiving Day Turkey Thank You Card

My new blog feature allows you to easily purchase this card securely, through PayPal. (You don’t need a PayPal account.)
If you prefer to have a special thank you card created, send me an email at with your request and I can create your custom card!

I appreciate you visiting my blog and am so very thankful for all my followers and readers, long-time and new!

Happy November & Enjoy your Creative Days! ~ Vickie ~

Creating Paper Ornaments for Christmas Cards!

Hello Friends!

The first leaves have fallen from our trees, the mornings have started to be a bit cooler, costumes and candy are featured in the stores, and pumpkins are everywhere! And yes, there are Christmas trees with lights displayed in most stores. The holiday are coming! Many of us prepare for them a bit earlier than others, especially if we are creating handmade items. So, it is time for me to start creating some holiday cards!

It is a bit difficult to get into the holiday spirit when the sun is shining and we are still having warm days here in northern California. I needed to find a bit of inspiration. I started to browse through my Christmas papers and previous holiday cards I had created. Of course, checking for ideas online also got me into the holiday spirit. It’s amazing to see so many creative ideas and such talented people in our world! I would like to add a bit of my creativity to this festive season!

Christmas paper ornament made with label die

I had used my swirl die to create cards from old photographs and a thought occurred to me. I remember seeing some delicate, lace-like Christmas ornaments on a card I saw online. I didn’t bookmark it at the time, since I wasn’t in the Christmas mood. Anyway, I thought I would use this swirl die from Di-Namics along with a circle to create a Christmas ornament for a card. Since my swirl die was rather large, I added a smaller scalloped ‘ornament’, which has a shiny silver star in the middle. (My photography skills are still a work-in-progress.) This is the card I created.

Christmas cards, ornaments, using dies
Christmas card with ornaments created from dies.

Looking through my collection of dies to find other ideas for Christmas ornaments turned into a fun treasure hunt! These scalloped label dies from ‘Nellie’s Multi Frames‘ would make wonderful paper ornaments. These dies are small enough that you can use paper scraps! I layered some different papers together and I created these cards with them.

Christmas card with paper ornaments
Christmas card with ornaments created from label dies
Christmas card from HorseMark Cards, paper ornaments made with label dies
Christmas card created with label dies. Add gems to make them sparkle!

Since I create all the Christmas cards we send to our family and friends, I need to make simple cards. A card with a single ornament on the front would be a simple, yet nice card to send out for the holidays.

Christmas card created by HorseMark Cards, using paper scraps
A Simple Christmas Card

I used many types of papers and soon found myself having lots of fun deciding what kinds of ornaments I could make. This was also a great way to use some of the paper scraps I have leftover from previous projects! Now I’m in the holiday mood, and keeping very busy creating cards! I know you are all creating wonderful projects for the upcoming holidays too! I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas you have for this festive season!

Thanks for visiting today! Enjoy your creative time!

~ Vickie ~

Thank you card with snowflakes created by HorseMark Cards

Hope Today is Good to You!


Today I would like to share one of my favorite and popular note cards. This cute Charlie Horse stamp from Doodle Pantry is so cute! I hope he puts a smile on your face today!

notecard with horse created by HorseMark Cards, funny cards
Hope this card makes you smile!

Everyone is busy creating and working on projects, and keeping up with life! Looking forward to sharing more ideas soon! Thanks for visiting me today! Enjoy your creative day…..and weekend! ~ Vickie