Creating Seahorses and Seashells Greeting Cards!


When I first purchased my Cuttlebug die cutting and embossing machine many, many moons ago, I couldn’t wait to try all the new dies that were available for my new toy. One of the first theme sets I purchased were these two ‘under the sea’ dies.

horsemark cards, cuttlebug dies

I have used these for a few projects over the years, but they eventually found their place in the back of my die cut storage bin. When I found this pretty paper from SEI, I decided to take these lost dies and put them to use.

craft papers of seashells, horsemark cards, glittery papers

My Cuttlebug makes all sorts of grunting noises and the handle comes off if I don’t hold it just right when I’m using it. So, last year I decided it was time to upgrade to a Big Shot. Luckily, I am still able to use all of the Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders I had accumulated.

My old under the sea die cuts were used to create a birthday card for someone special that happens to live on a beach. How perfect is this?

birthday card with seahorse, seashells, beach themed cards, horsemark cards

Well, once I finished this card, I loved it so much that I had to make another one. This time I changed it and created a thank you card.

thank you card with seahorse, horsemark cards, card with seashells

I love the sparkly papers and enjoyed creating these two cards. I will be making more of these for sure. It was also nice to use some older products that had been forgotten for a bit.

Do you have any older products that need to be brought back to life? I’m sure you can come up with some creative ways to use them!

Enjoy your creative day! Thank you so much for your support of HorseMark Cards and my little blogging corner. I really appreciate you all!

~ Vickie

Playing with Cards!


Hello Dear Readers!

I’m back with a look at what I have been creating. My most popular birthday cards have been the ones created with playing cards. One of my favorite customers always requests different birthday cards to give to her card-playing friends. Since many of them know each other, I need to create many cards that are different. Today, I am sharing two cards I recently created. I hope my special customer likes them!

birthday cards with playing cards, card celebrating 29th birthday, horsemark cards, funny birthday cards

Sometimes a bit of humor in a birthday card brings an extra smile! The tiny card suits were cut from actual cards, using my small circle punch. On the card below, I used the card suit dies I just received from Taylored Expressions. Aren’t they cute?

birthday cards with vintage playing cards, horsemark cards, birthday cards for poker players

A friend gave me some printed papers with vintage cards on them and I decided to use it for this card. I love the vintage look!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I would love to hear your comments on what you think about these two cards! Have you created something using playing cards?

I’m off to create more cards! I hope you enjoy your creative day!

(When I’m finished creating cards, I need to take another course in photography! Sorry for the quality of these picures. :( )


A Little Trick for Die-Cut Users!



I hope all of you are doing well today and are busy with your creative projects! I have been keeping myself occupied redesigning my HorseMark Cards website. And as the song says, …’all by myself.’ What a learning experience! There is still some ‘fine tuning’ I want to do, but it is finally back up! Please stop by for a visit and tell me what you think!

Now on to something fun! Creating! Many of you have worked with various die cuts and I would like to share a little trick I use to line them up with printed papers. I have a few die cuts that are ‘solid’, so you can’t see if you’re placing the die over the center of text or a pattern. My solution? I simply use the die to cut a piece of vellum to make a template. This die from Di-namics is one that I frequently use.

using die cuts, using vellum, lining up die cuts on patterned papers

You can see how I needed this die to line up evenly with my text. I simply place the vellum piece over my text, secure it with a piece of removable tape. When I place the die over the vellum and make sure it is lined up properly, I add another piece of tape to secure it when it goes through my Big Shot machine.

This same technique was used for the balloon die from Taylored Expressions. I wanted to make sure the card suits lined up to make my balloons for this card. I used the small hole from the Builder Owl punch from Stampin’Up to cut the smaller card suits I placed at the bottom of the card.

Since I wanted to highlight the text on the front of this card, I used red paper and cut two more of the same shape. I lined up the top and attached it to the greeting, then lined up the other at the bottom, careful to keep the same width on the border. This is a technique I use when I don’t have the slightly larger die to accent smaller cuts.

cards for men, Birthday cards, techniques for using  die cuts, using vellum, making greeting cards from playing cards

Birthday cards created from playing cards are very popular. It is great for guys, and gals too! You can see another birthday card I designed using playing cards here.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Don’t forget to visit my new website!

Enjoy your creative day! ~~~ Vickie

Special Friends & Thank You Cards


I hope you had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a restful, but fun weekend! Today I would like to share some thank you cards that I was asked to create recently.

We know that thank you cards can be one way of showing how much we appreciate someone. Usually these cards are given for gifts we received. However, they can also be sent to share our gratitude for things done for us by a friend, especially when we needed help.

A customer requested several thank you cards to send to the many people who helped her while she was recuperating from surgery. She wanted some of them personalized. She gave me some ideas on what they liked or their hobbies, and in some cases, what they did to help her during her recovery.

One friend drove her to the many appointments she had with physicians and physical therapy sessions. I was happy to create this card for her to show how much she appreciated her friend.
thank you card with car and flowers
Another friend creates quilts and loves to sew, so I created this thank you card for her.
thank you card for quilter, card for seamstress, card with sewing machine
Special notes of gratitude were included in the cards I created, since my customer had surgery on her shoulder, arm, and hand. She was only able to sign her name with her ‘good’ hand. (She requested twenty cards, so that would have been a lot of writing for her!) I was happy to compose various messages of thanks for her friends, with a bit of information from her.

My customer’s husband worked long hours, and was often out of town. She was fortunate to have a male friend come by to assist her with things she needed around the house. When she told me her friend was a contractor and built homes, I knew exactly what I would use to create his card! ( Darcie’s Home is Happiness stamp set included this image of a house.)
cards for men, card for guys, card with house and clouds
When I receive requests for personalized cards through e-mail, the bits of information customers give me is so very helpful to create the special cards for them. In this case, it was so gratifying to know that there are so many people who help others when they are in need of assistance.
thank you cards, custom thank you cards, cards with sailboats, cards with flowers, cards with cat and dog
This special woman is so fortunate to have so many generous friends in her life. I wish her a full recovery so she can enjoy the company of her many friends! I also thank her for the opportunity to create these cards for her. I enjoyed personalizing them!

Speaking of thanking people, I do appreciate you visiting my blog and supporting my handmade card business. Creating cards is so satisfying for me, and I know customers, friends, and family enjoy receiving cards. Thank You!
thank you card with flowers and butterfly

Enjoy your creative day! ~ Vickie