Graduation Card Created from the Announcement!

May and June are very busy months. We start off celebrating Mother’s Day, Graduations, Father’s Day, more Graduations, and Weddings! Then there are birthday celebrations sprinkled in between these major events! (My family will be celebrating two birthdays in June and a graduation, in addition to Father’s Day!) These are all wonderful events which have kept me very busy in my creative corner!

I received a high school graduation announcement from a customer that requested I use it to create a personalized graduation card.

graduation cards, personalized graduation cards, repurposed cards
This graduation announcement was used to create a personalized card for the graduate!

When I saw the printed piece of vellum paper that was enclosed, I knew what my card design would be. I decided to create a tri-fold card, using the vellum paper as the cover. The lightly printed graduation caps in the center of the circled text of ‘Class of 2014’ was perfect for the front of the card.

The school logo was printed in silver and dark blue, so I used dark blue paper to make my border. I accented it with a shiny silver sticker border. Since I have never found an adhesive for vellum that I like, I knew I would not be attaching anything to it. In order for the image on the vellum to stand out, I kept the middle portion of the card simple.

The graduate’s card was accented with a graduation cap I made using embroidery thread for the tassel and a small circle sticker. Dark blue paper bordered this card that I attached on the bottom. Dark Blue paper borders the printed “Congratulations” message I made. Using a small piece of thin white paper, I made a tiny scroll and put a thin silver sticker around it. I cut two short pieces of the silver sticker and attached it to the card, then attached the scroll. I was pleased with how it looked.

graduation cards, personalized cards, custom cards, repurposing announcements
This is the front and first portion of the graduation card I created from the announcement.

I think my favorite part of this card is the inside. When I create cards, I usually add some decoration to the inside as I feel it completes the card. I printed a graduation message on the center of the card. A portion of the printed announcement paper with the half circle cut out was a perfect frame for me to attach the school logo. I accented it with a dark blue scalloped background so it would be more of a contrast against the white.

I love this high school’s class motto, “Not the sunset, but the dawn.” It was perfect to border with dark blue paper and attach it under the school logo.

graduation card, custom cards, repurposing cards, personalized cards
I used the class logo and motto from the announcement for this graduate’s card!

When I completed this card, I looked around to see what I had left from the original announcement. The front ‘2014’ was still on my work table. 😦 I really wanted to incorporate it into this card, but because of its size, it would only work with a ‘landscape’ card that opened from the top. The tri-fold design I used, with the vellum cover, was more suitable for the ‘portrait’ shape of this card. (You can see another graduation card I designed using this method here.)

I was also left with the image of the class mascot. I guess I could have made him his own graduation cap and attach him to the back of the card! But I didn’t. 🙂

Congratulations to this high school graduate! I hope she had a wonderful graduation experience with her family and friends. I know one of her friends is very special, as she asked me to design this card for her. Many “thanks” to this customer!

I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you enjoyed what I shared today.

~ Vickie ~


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