Quilt Made from Sports Team Fabrics!

I have made a few quilts over the years, and usually make them with a certain theme or memory in mind. I completed a quilt from high school t-shirts for my younger son, and a theater/magic quilt for my eldest son. Some of my regular readers will remember the wedding quilts I made for our two nephews when they married last summer.

Well, I FINALLY made a quilt for my husband, which was long overdue! He is originally from Seattle, so the Seahawks and Mariners are his teams. He was also a fan of the Seattle Supersonics, but they moved to Oaklahoma a few years ago. Since we have lived in northern California for over 15 years, the San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants are also his favorite teams. And of course, we are loyal Sacramento Kings basketball fans! I decided to make a quilt representing all these teams. I thought it was a great idea at the time, but then realized the different colors of these teams. Yikes! How was I going to make blue, black, red, purple, orange, yellow and green work in my quilt design? I had my work cut out for me.

It took me awhile to figure out how to cut the fabrics and what pattern I would use to make this special quilt. I decided to cut longer strips of fabric this accomodate the logos and patterns of the teams. (I decided to include the Seattle Supersonics fabric since my husband was a fan for so many years.) This is what I created…

handmade quilt for guys, sports quilt, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco Forty-Niners, Giants, Sacramento Kings basketball, music
Handmade quilt made with favorite sports teams!

My husband also plays piano and guitar; sings and writes music and lyrics; and has been in local community theater productions. I decided the back of his quilt had to include music-themed fabrics…

handmade quilt for guys, sports quilt, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco Forty-Niners, Giants, Sacramento Kings basketball, music quilt
The back of the sports team quilt had to include music fabric!

I decided to label his quilt ‘Sports and Music’. Some of the music fabric was also used on the two high school t-shirt quilts I made for our sons. (Now, all three of my favorite guys’ quilts are ‘linked’ with common fabrics!)

In spite of the different colors, I am proud of this quilt I made for my dear husband. It was truly made with love and I know he will enjoy watching his favorite teams with his own favorite teams sports quilt!

I know so many people that love to create items and have wonderful talents! It is very satisfying to see an idea come alive when a handmade quilt, handmade card, or anything handmade is completed and presented to someone.

What are you creating today?

Thanks for visiting!

— Vickie


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