My Favorite Things! Tools?


Everyone that has ever created something with paper, fabric, or other items, have their favorite crafty tools. I thought I would share some of the tools that I believe are so essential when I create my handmade cards.

One of the most used items on my work counter are my scissors. I am not talking about the scissors I use to cut my papers, ribbons, or fussy cut images. I am referring to my ‘sticky’ scissors. I have a small pair of scissors that I use just to cut adhesive products I use. I use the Miracle Tapes for my projects. It is economical and they come in so many sizes. I also cut some of the larger adhesive foam squares into smaller pieces to ‘pop’ tiny images on my cards. (Think of my tiny butterflies that flutter on my cards!) When I use these scissors for cutting sticky things, I am assured my other nice scissors are reserved for non-sticky cutting. These scissors are also used to cut hard objects, like the ends of brads.

craft tools, scissors, paper piercers. punches

These are some of my favorite tools to use when I am creating my cards.

I also have some other ‘sharp’ tools that are my favorites. The red retractable needle/poker tool comes in handy for punching holes in paper so I can insert brads more easily. It is also useful for piercing holes around borders for another creative effect. My old non-retractable piercing tool has a blunt end. (Thanks to my son who used it to adjust the link in his new watch.) He felt bad for breaking it, but happy that I am still able to use it for my brads. Many brads have very long ends that can add additional bulk to my cards. Well, more bulk means more postage, and I don’t want that! So, I snip off the ends of these brads (with my ‘sticky’ scissors) and push down the ends with my blunt piercing tool. I can then attach the brad with a small foam square or an adhesive dot!

dental floss threaders, craft tools

Dental floss threaders can be used to guide small ribbons, threads ,and twine.

Sometimes I need to ‘thread’ a piece of ribbon or twine through paper and this essential crafty tool comes in handy! My dental floss threader makes it so easy to insert these ribbons, threads, and twines through a small opening. (This ‘tool’ came in handy when I attached my teabag on this this card.)

tweezers, ways to use tweezers

Tweezers are so handy for many useful purposes, especially in a craft room!

It seems the item I use the most when handling small pieces of paper or embellishments is my pair of tweezers! These come in so handy when I am applying small objects (think of my tiny butterflies again!) on my cards. I can control the placement of these tiny objects so much better with my trusty tweezers!

This last essential craft tool I would like to share may seem a bit out of the ordinary. It happens to be a brush that comes with a haircolor product. I know some of you know what I am talking about. he he The bristles are stiff enough to brush away the little paper crumbs sometimes left behind on delicate die cut shapes. I tried a small paintbrush, but the bristles were too soft.

haircolor brushes, brushes in craft room

I re-purpose this ‘tool’ to brush away paper crumbs from die cut shapes!

These are just a few of my favorite tool things in my craft room. What items do you use that you can’t do without when you are creating?


handmade card with hedgehog in flowers with butterfly

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Yikes! Am I Vintage?


‘Vintage’, when used as an adjective, means “Denoting something of high quality, especially something from the past or characteristic of the best period of a person’s work” (according to The Oxford Dictionary). I like this definition! The word ‘vintage’ usually refers to the quality of fine wines. I like those too! But, for my purposes, I am using vintage as ‘old’ :)

Since carbon paper is a dated object, and the era of home economics classes is gone, and I was a part of this, I must be vintage too!

vintage sewing items, Marking fabric with colored carbon paper with a tracing tool!

Marking fabric with colored carbon paper with a tracing wheel! Good ‘ole days!

I remember using the colored ‘carbon’ paper to mark fabric when I used to sew my own clothes. Do you remember using the tracing tool? The picture above is the actual package and tool I used in my junior high school home economics class (they call them middle schools these days). For my younger readers, home economic classes taught you how to sew, cook, iron, and do many other domestic household chores! Sadly, these courses have not been offered in schools for several years (to my knowledge); budget cuts and possible lack of interest of students. :(

Since I have not sewn garments in several years, I am assuming this method of marking is no longer used. I have seen the sewing gauges though, at a much higher price than I paid for mine! I still use this handy tool!

I was consolidating my sewing box with notions from my late mom and grandmother’s sewing boxes a few months ago, and found several ‘treasures’. (I shared the old spools of threads I found on a previous post.)

old spools of threads, vintage sewing supplies

Old spools of threads I found in my mom’s sewing box. You can’t buy a spool of thread for 15 cents these days!

It was interesting to notice the prices on these old spools of threads. The amount of thread you could purchase for 15 cents then would cost at least $2.50 today! Today’s spools are certainly not made of wood either. I guess that is part of the charm of these old threads. Don’t you just love the wooden spools? I know there are lots of projects that I can find to use these. Here is a great idea for making a wreath from old spools of threads from Mrs. Hughes blog. (She has a wonderful blog about retro sewing, DIY and other interesting items. Certainly worth a visit!)

Several packets of sewing needles were included in my grandmother’s sewing box. I love the way they are packaged! They had a sense of ‘style’ to them.

vintage sewing needles in packages

I love the way sewing needles were packaged in the good ‘ole days!

Here are two of the packages as seen from the outside. The designs are priceless and I love the package from England!

vintage sewing needles and package

A sewing needles package from years past.

vintage sewing needles from Engand

Vintage package of sewing needles from England.

I was surprised to find a little round, zippered box. I had not seen this before, but I could tell it had been around for a very long time.

vintage sewing kit with zipper

This little vintage sewing kit has a zipper around it!

inside vintage sewing kit

I found little treasures inside this vintage sewing kit!

I wanted to share these sewing items of past years with you and I hope you enjoyed looking at them. What ‘vintage’ sewing items do you still own?

~ Vickie

thank you card with strawberry, red ribbon,

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Coloring Ribbons to Match Your Projects!


If you don’t have the right color of ribbon for your project, you can color it with markers!

When I am in a creative mood and working on a project, my main objective is to finish what I am working on while I am in the creative ‘mode’. I have a good supply of ribbons, however sometimes the colors just don’t match up to the papers I am using.

This was the case when I was creating one of my baby cards. The printed paper I used as a base for the card had a bit of yellow in it, and I had yellow ribbon to match.

coloring ribbons with markers, ways to use ribbons

I added green to my hot air balloon, but decided to use green ribbon instead of yellow.

When I matched the yellow ribbon up to the hot air balloon, it just didn’t ‘pop’ enough. I needed a darker green ribbon that matched the paper, and of course I didn’t have that exact shade of ribbon. I did have a marker that matched the green color! Could I just color the ribbon with my marker to get the shade of green I needed? Yep! I could! (I tested the green marker on some light brown ribbon, since I had plenty of that color.)

coloring ribbons with markers, ways to use ribbons

The yellow ribbon was nice, but I needed green.
I used a marker to color the ribbon green!

I was able to complete my project without having to buy more ribbon. Since my markers usually don’t get much use, I am glad I found another way to utilize them. (I am more of a colored pencil and chalk person when it comes to coloring images.)

I love this little pony stamp wrapped in a blanket! Isn’t he adorable? This cute stamp is from Clear Dollar Stamps. They have converted to digi stamps now, and I believe this stamp has been retired. :(

coloring ribbons with markers, ways to use ribbons

I colored the yellow ribbon with a green marker so it is a better contrast to the yellow baby blanket!

So, this is another idea on using different items to create the exact accents you may need for your projects! You know me, if I can create it, why buy it! I hope you enjoy your creative day and I appreciate you stopping by my blog!

~ Vickie

handmade card with hedgehog in flowers with butterfly

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Just Looking In On You!


handmade note card with kittens

Kittens Note Card $4.00

handmade note card with kittens, thinking of you card

I really enjoyed creating this ‘thinking of you’ note card and wanted to share it with you. The cute kittens stamp is from Great Impressions. (I have had it for a few years so I don’t know if it is still available.) It is one of my favorite stamps! The little paws are ‘popped’ over the paw prints embossed paper bags. I used colored pencils to add a bit of color to the little furry friends. The ‘Just looking in on you…to see how you’re doing’ stamp is from the Home is Happiness stamp set by Darcie’s. I love mixing different stamps in my projects and these two seemed perfect together!

Even if you are not a ‘cat’ person, I hope this card still puts a smile on your face!

Enjoy your Creative Day!

~ Vickie

thank you card with chickens

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Fluttering Butterfly Note Card


A few years ago a good friend gave me some beautiful papers to use in creating my handmade cards. I wanted to thank her, and of course I used some of the papers to create a special card just for her. I am so sorry to say that I do not have a picture of the card, but I recently made a card very similar to the one I gave my friend. I was reminded of this card as I have recently seen the beautiful creations from designer Karen Burniston.

fluttering Butterfly Note Card

I used Baker’s twine to attach my fluttering butterfly in the cutout of this notecard.

A die cut was used to create the ‘fluttering’ space for my butterfly. I used Baker’s twine to attach each side of my butterfly punch; I simply adhered it to the middle. The ends of the twine were attached to the card before I added the last layer of printed paper.

fluttering butterfly note card

Flip open the inside page to add a personal message to this note card.

I created a fold-down section on the inside of the card since I didn’t want the message to be seen from the front. Once I added a few border and corner silver stickers to the front I was finished with this fun card! This would also make a nice thank you card or even a birthday or wedding card! I think everyone loves butterflies!

A birdcage, wedding bells, birds, or lots of other images could be used to make a card like this! Use your imagination! I enjoy making cards and finding new (and old) ways of creating them. We all use and share ideas from so many talented people. We can even ‘mix & match’ ideas to come up with a new way to be creative! Just remember to give credit where credit is due! Thank you Karen Burniston for reminding me of this technique!

Enjoy your creative day!

~ Vickie

Handmade thank you card with buttons

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