Thank You Cards

Now that the 2014 holidays are but a memory, many of us have people we need to thank. Sometimes a verbal “thank you” and a hug to someone special is the best. Sending a card of thanks to someone after the holidays can also be nice!

I received a card from a friend thanking me for their handmade gift I gave her for Christmas. (More on gifts later!) First, it was a pleasant change to see a hand addressed envelope in my mailbox. Second, it was good to read her thoughtful thank you note and reflect on the time when we exchanged our gifts. Third, it was a time to appreciate her taking the time to send the thank you card and realize what a special friend she is.

Creating and sending thank you cards has kept me busy the last several days. I would like to share how I used something different to create some of my cards — scraps of photo paper! Most of us do not print out photographs. Pictures are usually shared on our smartphones, social networks, and other tech devices. I happen to print some pictures to mail to my grandmother and great aunt, both in their 90’s. There are always bits of borders of the photo paper that are blank after I print pictures. Well, you know me! I am not going to toss those shiny white scraps of papers!

You can use the edges of photo paper to punch snowflakes!
You can use the edges of photo paper to punch snowflakes!

The blank side borders and scraps of the photo paper can be used for many craft projects. One idea I use it for is to punch snowflakes to add on my cards. The gloss of the photo paper adds a bit of a wet look on the snowflakes. Some of the snowflakes are elevated with foam adhesive to add more dimension to the cards. I also used scraps of photo paper to punch the circles of the jolly snowman on this card!

using photo paper scraps, making snowmen, handmade cards
Photo paper scraps were used to make this snowman and snowflakes!

Brown paper was used for the background to match the snowman’s hat on the printed paper. The snowflakes really pop against the darker background. I love snowmen, so several of my holiday thank you cards included them.

handmade card, snowmen on cards, snowflakes
White snowflakes on a dark background really pop!

Anxious to use up the photo paper scraps, I went wild in punching snowflakes. This is a card I created resulting from my snowflake punching madness!

photo paper, snowflakes, cards with snowflakes, thank you cards, wreaths
These snowflakes were punched from photo paper.

Another new year has arrived and we are all excited to see what it has in store for us. I wish all of you the best in 2015!

Enjoy your Creative Time and thank you for visiting! ~ Vickie

7 thoughts on “Thank You Cards

  1. Just right for this time of year. Friends helping friends shoveling snow, or little ones on a play day makibg Snowmen. A nice card to say thank you. Blessings Always, Mtetar

  2. gentlestitches

    Happy 2015! Vickie. We have 3 more weeks of school holidays and we are off to the beach!
    Thank you cards are a great way of ‘making someone’s day”. ❤

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